About Us

Mein Fernweh - Our Venture brings in innovative ways to explore the world and bring in extraordinary moments

Everyone loves to travel and many of us have a dream of travelling around the world. Mein Fernweh understands the need of every travel enthusiast and helps in making dreams into reality. We encourage people to explore new places and unexplored places around the world as they travel with us. It’s our passion and we have been successful in doing so over the past few years.

We understand the need of every traveler, and we want to cater you accordingly. We have shared the thrill, enjoyment, adventure and excitement with numerous individuals and groups who have been associated with us over time.

Flawless and meticulous planning, right up to the smallest details has always been a way of life with Mein Fernweh and everybody who travelled with us generally felt the glow of a family and not only a tour operator, may it be an individual vacation or a group tour and may the destination be international or domestic.

We have a variety of both domestic and international holiday choices that improve your bliss and satisfaction without limit. And all these holidays are uniquely created to suit the necessities and wants of our clients of any age and preferences.


To offer luxury travel experiences at a transparent price, We work towards making world memorable with continuous innovation in the world of tourism.


To create a community of happy travelers from around the world by offering professionally planned trips and holidays, also to give the most luxurious travel experience at best prices.