Study tours

Choice of Accomodation

We do not compromise with luxury and that is our specialty of making choices of the best hotels to finest hostel that make your stay comfortable.

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Customized Itinerary

We value your time and priceless moments, so we consider your trip that's suits you and suggest and customize changes in it.

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Airfare/Visa Inclusive

We take your burden of booking your tickets and arranging visa for you if required to get the best of the industry prices across the globe.

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Site-Seeing Inclusive

We keep a room for each of you creativity and suggest and add site-seeing that's enjoyable and fun for everyone.

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Special Surprises

Every trip is bundled with some complimentary surprises so that we build a bond that everlasting memory for you and us as well.

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As Per Budget

All of these things are not always expensive. But we make your trips that fit in your pockets without losing any experiences that we feel it are worth.

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Value-Addition to Education

Typical curriculum and classroom designs enable a teacher to teach the same thing in the same way to all children. This is ironic, especially when we know every child is different, has different strengths, interests, learning hooks, styles and speeds.
Whilst this method makes life easier for a teacher, it is very hard for most children, who progressively lose interest in classrooms through their school journey. Recent studies by Harvard School of Education prove that most children who are bored in classrooms are far less likely to do well in exams. Schools and teachers will need to make a radical shift.

Global Educational Platform

For over years, Mein Fernweh has proudly partnered with educators around the world from the field of architecture, engineering, medical and culinary to transform the way students look at the education —and themselves. That passion has grown and we specialize ourselves to conduct the finest experiences to aspiring students who love to explore and come out of the comfort zone. We thank students of such minds for taking that step and inspiring the next generation of global citizens.